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Warframe OST — Fortuna — Solaris United (We All Lift Together)

Warframe OST — Fortuna — Solaris United (We All Lift Together)

Support the official release and have a true clean version!

DE released the full version on the official Warframe channel, watch that instead.

A full-ish version of the song from the Fortuna reveal presentation at TennoCon. Edited out the audience as best I could and leave the song itself to be looped more easily and smoothly. Some of them are still there, but I couldn’t remove them without ruining the song.

Just a heads up the actual full version of the song is on the official Warframe YouTube channel, PlayWarframe, go check it out for the complete version, however it does contain all the audience reactions.

As always, enjoy!

Cold the air and water flowing
Hard the land we call our home
Push to keep the dark from coming
Feel the weight of what we owe
This the song of sons and daughters
Hide the heart of who we are
Making peace to build our future

Strong united, working ’till we fall

And we all lift
And we’re all adrift together

Through the cold mist,
’till we’re lifeless together
(This bit I had to cut out because of the audience reactions)

I don’t own anything or make any money on this video or its contents. All rights to Warframe and Digital Extremes.

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