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What To Do Before Fortuna | Warframe Beginner’s Guide 2018 Part 2

What to do before Fortuna launches, in part 2 of my Warframe Beginner’s Guide 2018. After seeing comments on the last video requesting info for more advanced players, I’ve put together a list of a LOT of things you should have completed or are working on completing prior to the launch of the Fortuna open world expansion. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments secti...[Read More]

The reason Warframe is unafraid of risk with Fortuna and Railjack

Check out my take on the newest content comming to warframe. Code name railjack and Fortuna will arrive this year. Highlights from tennocon 2018. Be sure to sub if your new and stick around for Warframe and other gaming videos!

Warframe: Fortuna, Railjack, Code Name Garuda [TennoCon2018]

•♛• CONNECT WITH ME •♛• • Twitter: • Twitch: • Instagram: • Discord: •♛• SUPPORT THE CHANNEL •♛• • Subscribe on Twitch: • Take a look at my merch: • Check out Into The AM’s Hoodies! Use code AGAYGUYPLAYS for 10% off! (Including select sale items) • Check out OPSeat’s Gaming Chairs! Use code AGAYGUYPLAYS for $10 off your purchase! •♛• BACKGROUND MUSIC •♛• Background Music by: Ampyx Song...[Read More]

I Can’t Lie DE — Warframe

I can’t lie DE WTF IS WRONG WITH THE WARFRAME COMMUNITY: Ash Final Jutsu Build| 2018| Discord: Destiny Players Be Like: WTF “ I DONT PLAY FEMALE WARFRAMES: ASH MAINS: 4 Types Of Warframe Players: THIS WILL CHANGE EVERYONE: MOTE AMP VS UMBRA: •TWITCH: •TWITTER: Laugh and have fun with LIFE…

Warframe (FORTUNA) Live Fun Gameplay (part 37) Just Playing around

Join the Discord Family! —— General —— Warframe-central-brigade —— Warframe-trading-help —— video-pictures-clips Support Warframe, #Warframe, Fortuna, #Fortuna, #Warframe, #Playstation, #Sony Interactive Entertainment Support the stream: Join me on Discord! WarFrame Low-latency video quality, video stream quality with CPU compression, #PS4 Pro, ps4 p...[Read More]

Warframe — Baruuk The Pacifist

#warframe #fortuna All of Baruuk’s blueprints can only be acquired by purchasing from Little Duck, using Vox Solaris standing. The main blueprint requires players to be at Agent rank, while component blueprints require Hand rank. LOVE the description of him in the wiki: «Virtuously guided by his noble discipline, the pacifistic monk Baruuk invokes sacred runes to evade conflict and brin...[Read More]

Warframe Fortuna — Arch Linux — Steam Play/Proton — AMD

Warframe’s new Fortuna expansion running great give or take some non-linux related bugs. 😀 More details about my system: 60hz freesync enabled via kernel + mesa freesync patches. Kernel 4.19, Mesa-git and llvm-svn. (amd and intel open source drivers) DXVK 0.92 patched with Async patch and enabled. Vega 64, Threadripper 1950x, Max in-game settings. Easiest way to get the game running: Follow ...[Read More]

AJ’s Warframe: Fortuna & Railjack Developer Preview!

AngryJoe Interviews & Previews the upcoming New Warframe Content for 2018, Fortuna & Railjack with Steve Sinclair and grabs as many details as possible! Twitch ► Twitter ► AJSA Community ►

WARFRAME: Fortuna Reveal & Gameplay Demo (w/Audience’s Reaction) | TennoCon 2018

«WARFRAME PULLIN’ OUT THE BIG GUNS!» Witness the future of Warframe! Watch the live stage demo of the Fortuna update (With the audience’s reaction) where you’ll visit the open Landscape of Venus, coming later in 2018. WARFRAME Available On: (PC, XBOX ONE, PS4, Nintendo Switch) DOWNLOAD & PLAY WARFRAME: (WARFRAME is also available on STEAM) =================== CONNE...[Read More]

Let’s Play Warframe: Fortuna — PC Gameplay Part 203 — Pattern Recognition

Warframe is a fast paced and super fun cooperative third person shooter, where you mow through countless enemies to farm for new guns, characters, and flying doodads that help you out. It’s a huge grindfest, but with the $0 pricetag, gorgeous visuals, and extremely solid weapon design, it’s definitely worth a look. They were called Tenno. Warriors of blade and gun: masters of the Warfr...[Read More]

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