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Warframe: EVERYTHING ABOUT K-DRIVE | TIPS & TRICKS + VENT KIDS STANDINGS FARMING GUIDE ************************************* Join our official discord server here: Follow me on twitter: Recruiting Ninjas! Sign up, suit up and help me take back the Solar System in Warframe! Click this link to sign up for this awesome Free-to-Play game and we’ll both receive cool rewards! Sign Up here: ********...[Read More]

Solo Profit Taker Boss Fight Guide (Octavia) Updated for 2019 l Warframe Fortuna

I did not mention this in the video but the octavia song I use is E1M1 from doom. Tombfinger parts are (tombfinger, haymaker, splat) Amp parts are Lega, Phahd, Lohrin Arcanes used are 2x Arcane guardian set, 2x Magus elevate set.

Revenant In Depth Build/Loadout Guide l Warframe Fortuna

I’ve been loving playing Revenant lately with face tanking your own damage. Infinite scaling, great survivabiliy/team synergy. Ok so I looked at the footage and I randomly lost 7 stacks at once…. no idea how that happened For all additional details on his abilites here is the wiki page.

Tombfinger Kitgun Build (Guide) — The Gravedigger Magnum (Warframe Gameplay)

Tombfinger Kitgun Build (Guide) — The Gravedigger Magnum (Warframe Gameplay) Ever since Fortuna was released Kiguns have been sitting at the top of the Secondary DPS charts in Warframe. The Tombfinger is no exception and packs one serious bit of damage. The weapon fires a round projectile that detonates on contact with the first enemy or surface, the explosion will deal by default pure radia...[Read More]

Fluctus Build 2019 (Guide) — The Power of an Arch-Gun (Warframe Gameplay)

Fluctus Build 2019 (Guide) — The Power of an Arch-Gun (Warframe Gameplay) With the Introduction of Profit Taker we are finally able to use Arch-Guns on the ground in normal everyday missions! The process is a bit laborious at first and it does requiter a small investment in the form of Garvimag which will allow your Arch-Gun to be used as a heavy weapon. From my point of view the it’s ...[Read More]

Warframe — Fortuna Fishing Guide

I found a much better map on the forums: Fortuna introduces a vast, frigid Venus wasteland populated with specialized Corpus units, an alien ecosystem and subterranean mysteries. In Fortuna, you will meet the body-augmented Solaris who live in debt-slavery to their profiteering Corpus overlords. You can learn more about the Fortuna update Here : Want my glyph ? Second Channel Fan-made Steam Group ...[Read More]

Guide de Début de Zone : Fortuna — Warframe [FR]

Guide pour débuter sur Fortuna, sans spoiler, mais avec de bons rails pour savoir où aller. ⚡ Soutenez GRATUITEMENT la chaîne sur uTip : 🔻 Sommaire / Infos & Liens 🔻 Et oui Revenant a été oublié des warframes obtenables sur Cetus/Plaines d’eidolon ◾◾◾◾◾⏳ Sommaire ⌛◾◾◾◾◾ 3:13 — Place de Fortuna & Cetus 9:18 — Récap des PNJ 11:18 — 3 Réputations à fa...[Read More]

Warframe: Fortuna Release Prep Guide [thedailygrind]

Where there’s smoke there’s fire, and Warframe dropping their Fortuna ARG is a big hint that something is on its way! With November being DE’s target release window for their next big release, its time to get prepped! •♛• CONNECT WITH ME •♛• • Twitter: • Twitch: • Instagram: • Discord: •♛• SUPPORT THE CHANNEL •♛• • Subscribe on Twitch: • Take a look at my merch: • Check out Into ...[Read More]

What To Do Before Fortuna | Warframe Beginner’s Guide 2018 Part 2

What to do before Fortuna launches, in part 2 of my Warframe Beginner’s Guide 2018. After seeing comments on the last video requesting info for more advanced players, I’ve put together a list of a LOT of things you should have completed or are working on completing prior to the launch of the Fortuna open world expansion. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments secti...[Read More]

Fortuna Starter Guide — Bonds, K-Drives, Fishing, Mining

Streaming tonight as well! Play Warframe! Twitch Patreon Twitter Steam Group Discord Humble Partner Link! Stream Archives

Warframe Beginners Guide 2018 — How To Prepare For Fortuna Expansion

Warframe Beginners Guide 2018, how to prepare for Fortuna Expansion. This guide series features tips for new warframe players and warframe beginners to help you get into the game and ultimately prepare for the new Fortuna expansion coming this fall. In this first video I’ll walk you through the very early stages of Warframe, explaining as much as possible, and trying to give you the best sta...[Read More]

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