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Fortuna Arcane Overview

Hey guys, this is a quick overview of the Fortuna arcanes. I hope this helps when you are looking at which ones to get while leveling Vox Solaris. I have a few that I rally enjoy using, but the majority can be skipped unless you are looking for a specific bonus. Hope you’re all having a good one = ) Current as of 24.5.0 Subscribe for more: Join the Community Discord: Follow me for Updates! R...[Read More]

Hildryn in-depth overview build + Arcane Comparisons / High Level gameplay l Warframe Fortuna

Hildryn is a very powerful frame for dealing damage, buffing allies and doing some crowd control. Although her main problem is how slash procs and toxin damage can destroy her! You actually get to see her weakness to these damage types in this video. Overall I would highly reccomend her but keep in mind if you do not have these shield arcanes her survivability is hindered. I think the coolest thin...[Read More]

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